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11 reasons you should not delay a website redesign for your business

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A website re-design may seem like a challenging project while managing the day-to-day operations of your business. However, a redesign (Revamp Website) project is a must if your website is not getting you enough to sales.

Visitor preferences and the internet technology have already changed a great deal in the past five years and irrespective of which technique you utilized to develop your site it is to your best interest to revamp your online image.

A website redesign will help you to convert your website into a smarter website to reach out to your target audience more effectively. It has got all the necessary features to engage with your target audience and convert them into loyal customers of your business.

Here are some reasons that why you should not delay your website re-design project:

1) Your web page no longer reflects your company brand:

To be considered credible business, professional and to be taken seriously, it is incredibly essential for your website to depict a strong brand image, which represents your organization like NGO, e-commerce, guesthouse, boutique, hotel and resort in an accurate manner and captures your brand’s essence beautifully. A strong brand image has the capability of making small entrepreneurs and businesses stand out amongst their large contenders, leveling the playing ground.

2) You are uncomfortable because of your business website page:

In case you are uncomfortable to give out the address of your website as you are very much afraid of what your potential consumers might think of it, then it might be the right time to consider a website redesign. Some business owners who simply don’t prefer anybody to visit their site since they are embarrassed and they know very well that they need a good website design to redesign their website. They are also looking to get around to it, but they haven’t yet. Always keep in mind that a poorly website design company can hamper your business.

3) Your website is not designed professionally:

Another reason why you should go after redesigning your website is that you want to make it look more professional. Compare the design of your website with those of your competitors. Get feedback on your website design from a sample audience. Such analysis will help you to understand the gap areas in the design of your website.

It’s almost impossible to get any order, booking or contact from a website that has an unprofessional design if your business related to sale products online or hospitality field.

You must also ensure that the colours and font used on the site are consistent. Adding professional and high-quality images is another important factor.

4) Mobile responsiveness is one of the most important features:

With mobile practice on pace to overpower desktop practice, intricate designs with larger images, make it tougher for visitors or customers to browse your site. The visitors of your website might be using different mobile devices like Samsung Note, Tablet, iPhone, iPad etc. And a responsive design makes it really possible for visitors/consumers to navigate your site without difficulties across all these devices.

Google is telling searchers if your web page is mobile friendly or not with the help of their latest mobile-friendly test. And this would affect your lead generation, sales, credibility, and click through rate.

5) Your current website doesn’t reflect the development of your capacities and offerings:

In case the list of service, which you deliver has grown to a great extent and your old site doesn’t replicate the full suite of services, which you offer now, this can cause consumers going somewhere else to get a service that you give since they were not familiar that you provided that service. But by revamping your site, you can easily expand your list of services in order to include all the services you deliver so that each customer and visitor is familiar with everything you give.

6) Your website doesn’t support a currently CMS:

Implementing content marketing just as part of the marketing approach helps you in building trust, increasing leads, traffic, SEO, and establishing credibility. If you are looking to apply a content strategy and the architect of your existing site wasn’t developed with a content strategy in mind, then a website redesign would make it easy for visitors and consumers to find your content. A new website would help you in setting a better foundation in order to get you on the right track to successful content marketing.

WordPress CMS is a simple and free Content Management System with numerous features and ample customization possibilities. It can be used to develop any kind of website, be it for a small business or for a large enterprise. With WordPress, you can create simple to complex bespoke websites and the fact that it is easy-to-use with an intuitive backend (dashboard) means that you can manage it with minimal instruction and up to date.

7) The integrations on your site are outdated

A website redesign gives you a chance to update your site according to the latest website standards.

New tools and techniques to make a website more user-friendly are developed every year. An outdated website misses out on the latest plugins and integrations available online. You must ensure that these are a part of your website.

Also ensure that your website is integrated with third party websites tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Chat, Channel Manger, Booking Engine, and an appropriate CRM tool.

8) Freshness of website content is important (SEO):

It is crucial to update the content of your website for site visitors as well as Search Engines Optimization (SEO). A content update ensures that your site gets re-indexed and your ranking is calculated again. Since search engines are always on the lookout for fresh content, adding fresh content, enable SSL certificate will help you to improve your SEO and site’s rankings.

Content marketing is not a new concept in the world of digital marketing, but right now, it is more important than ever before. Content is the king and it is increasingly working its way to the forefront of all digital marketing strategies, as it becomes a crucial element that reaps big rewards.

Website content is a KING.

As your business grows, you offer new products and services and your brand also evolves over time. These changes must also reflect on your website.

9) Enhance the security of your business website:

Maybe one of the biggest concerns of these times is cybersecurity, isn’t it? Small entrepreneurs and businesses are as vulnerable to viruses and website hacking as bigger businesses. In case your web page was developed years ago and also has not been upgraded since then you are at great risk for hacking and malware too.

10) Your business website is not socially visible

Social media is currently the biggest platform for business. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram offer unlimited access to future clients. It is no surprise, therefore, that over 2 million businesses advertise on Facebook alone. A website is the channel entrepreneurs use to make their businesses visible on these platforms. You can redesign your site to enable seamless sharing of your content. It will also make it possible to create and nurture an online community.

11) You Have a better idea for your business website

Sometimes, you do not need a better reason to redesigning your company website other than that you have a better idea. You might want to change the themes, content layout, integrate with any useful website add or remove a tab or two. As long as it does not hamper user experience, try it.


A website is meant to bring business and we all know that, right? But it fails in bringing business, then you should revamp your website to keep up with the changes in the external business environment and to address the internal changes in your business.

Cambodia Mobile App Development

11 reasons you should not delay a website redesign for your business

9 Reasons why needs a website for your new business in Cambodia?

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