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Popular payment gateways for your e-commerce websites in Cambodia 2020

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Cambodia Mobile App Development
Popular payment gateways for your e-commerce websites in Cambodia 2019

Cambodian people nowadays love to shop, both online and offline at retail shops. Over the last few years, e-commerce has grown a lot in Cambodia and we have seen massive increases in spending power online like hotels booking, clothes, electronics, cosmetics, and souvenirs. When consumers shop online, they usually pay with their credit cards, debit cards, internet banking or via their PayPal account. For online store owners, it’s important that you implement the right payment gateway for your e-commerce website with these payment options in mind.

cambodia online payment getway ecommerce website designHere are 8 of our recommended payment gateways for your e-commerce website in Cambodia:

1. PayWay by ABA Bank Online Payment

PayWay is an online payment transaction processing service that allows merchants to receive online payments made on their website using Visa and MasterCard.

payway-aba-bank-payment-online-website-cambodiaWith PayWay, you can set up an online store and accept debit/credit card payments for your goods/services.

The platform is powered by ABA Bank, one of the top-5 commercial banks in Cambodia. With 42 branches and more than 150 ATMs across the country, ABA reaches out to a large amount of customers with an array of modern financial services. One of ABA’s main focuses is continuous pursuit for modern banking services and deployment of advanced digital solutions in local market.

ABA’s​ award-winning​ payment​ gateway,​ PayWay,​ was​ designed​ for​ online​ businesses​ of​ all​ sizes​ who​ need​ reliable​ and​ easy-to-use​ online​ payment​ solution​ on​ their​ website​.​

With​ PayWay​ plugins​ designed​ for​ the​ most​ popular​ e-commerce​ platforms,​ you​ can​ quickly​ and​ easily​ convert​ your​ website​ into​ a​ fully​ functional​ online​ store​ without​ complicated​ coding​ or​ setup​ and​ start​ accepting​ payments​ from​ your​ customers’​ Visa,​ Mastercard​ or​ UnionPay​ cards,​ as​ well​ as​ through​ ABA​ PAY.​ Our​ PayWay​ gateway​ supports​ both​ USD​ and​ KHR​ currencies,​ enabling​ your​ customers​ to​ pay​ in​ a​ flexible​ manner.​

ABA PayWay Plugins WordPress WooCommerce CMS
ABA PayWay Plugins WordPress WooCommerce CMS

Now PayWay​ plugins available​ to download for free​ for​ your​ website powered​ by​ Magento,​ WooCommerce​ or​ Prestashop.​ Simply​ download​ and​ install​ the​ required​ PayWay​ plugin​ and​ start​ accepting​ online​ payments!

Available​ plugins:

  1. ABA​ PayWay​ plugin​ for​ WooCommerce​ (WordPress)
  2. ABA​ PayWay​ plugin​ for​ Magento​ e-commerce​ Platform
  3. ABA​ PayWay​ plugin​ for​ Prestashop​ e-commerce​ solution

2. Cathay United Bank Online Payment

Cathay United Bank Payment Gateway service is a secure online payment transaction processing service for major card brands such as MasterCard, Visa card and JCB card. With Cathay United Bank Payment Gateway, you can accept credit/debit card payments for the goods and services you sell online.

Cathay United Bank Payment Gateway3. Wing Online Payment

Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank is Cambodia’s leading mobile banking service provider. Launched in 2009, Wing is committed to providing financial inclusion to the unbanked and under-banked allowing every Cambodian access to services including local money transfers, bill payments and phone top-ups, online shopping and QR payment, as well as instant international money transfer from more than 200 countries.

wing-how-to-pay-online-ecomerce-cambodiaWing remains at the forefront of the mobile money and electronic payment services market in Cambodia with 100% district coverage via a nationwide network of over 6,000 Wing Cash Xpress outlets. It has partnerships with more than 30,000 merchants and global industry leaders including Mastercard, Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit. In addition, small and medium enterprises, as well as larger companies, are able to use Wing’s payroll and disbursement services, helping to further develop its payment ecosystem.

Paying for various products and services online is easy with Wing. From movie tickets, bus trips, clothes, and books, Wing allows you to buy them all instantly from the comfort of your home or office.

4. PiPay Cambodia Online Payment

Pi Pay is the most innovative and complete cashless payment platform in Cambodia – built around a consumer-facing app that incorporates merchant payment services with a range of social and lifestyle features including Chat, Maps and Friend Finder, and a growing network of retail partners in the Kingdom.

pipay-online-payment-cambodia-ecomerce5. iPay88 (Cambodia) PLC Online Payment

iPay88, the leading Payment Gateway Provider in Malaysia, has over 50 local/international non/financial institutions as partners and over 10,000 merchants.

iPay88 is a leading and award-winning regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia. They provide innovative solutions to accept payments online and strive to work with region’s most progressive businesses.

Headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and they have presence in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore.

iPay88-Payment-Methods-ecommerce-website-Cambodia6. GetLoy Online Payment

GetLoy is a payment integration platform, meaning that it does not process payments directly, but connects to different payment services and provides the tools to integrate them easily. Once set up, adding a new payment method is as simple as entering the merchant access details.

GetLoy-Cambodia-Online-Payment-GetwayThe GetLoy plug-in for WooCommerce can be added to any WordPress website in under a minute without the need for a technical expert. The plug-in makes the checkout process secure and easy to the clients and provides the means for the shop owner to keep track of their sales.

7. PayGo Online Payment

PayGo is the safer, easier and more comfortable way to pay for the most popular services in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

You can pay for all necessary services right on their website: and/or make payments at home or top up the phones of your relatives and friends even when you are out.

paygo by aba bank cambodia online payment
You can make payments for your relatives and friends, even if you live in different cities.

PayGo offers profitable conditions – the commission is 0 – 5% of the payment amount, which means out of every transaction made through our channels, PayGo will entitle you with at least 2% commission which is transferred back to your account (PayGo Account).

You also can install PayGo mobile application on your iPhone (Android, iOS) as well as on your PC.

8. BongLoy Online Payment

Bongloy is a flexible API based payment solution that enables merchants to acquire payments online. Bongloy connects with both local and international payment providers to enable your business to accept payment from Cambodia and abroad.


All in all, the payment gateway you choose depends on the nature of your e-commerce business. A new business should consider third-party processors because of its quick and easy integration into websites.

Clients E-Commerces Website List:

  1. (Cambodia Golf Deal)
  2. (Brand INT Collection)
  3. (Sorry Buy Online Store)
  4. (S-Liquor Online Store)
  5. (Elite Wines House)
  6. (Tiger Lily PNH)
  7. (E-Wheels Cambodia)
  8. (Bakong Foods My Village)
  9. (Eclado Cambodia)
  10. (Cambodia Diamond)
  11. (Cambodia Mental)
  12. (My Beaute Shop)
  13. (Leak Khmer Artisan)
  14. (Angkor EPlus)
  15. (Hany Korea Online Shop)

Need an online payment solution for your eCommerce website?

Cambodia Mobile App Development

Popular payment gateways for your e-commerce websites in Cambodia 2020

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